Ministry of Education

Geography Department

Definition of Geography

          The study of the physical feature of the earth and its atmosphere, and of human activity as it affects and its affected by these, including the distribution of populations and resources and politics and economic activity.


  1. To promote a global perspective and international understanding through geographical education.
  2. To develop an appreciation and concern for the diversity of the natural environment, and an understanding of human and physical processes.
  3. To develop an appreciation and understanding of the spatial patterns of physical and human features in the environment.


     The main objectives of geography are as following: able to:

course content

spatial processes and patterns

geographic terminology

geographic concepts

methods of presenting geographic information’

models and theories

the geographical implication of the causes, consequences and interrelationship of contemporary world issues. able to

extract relevant information from data sources

classify data

interpret and analyses data

1Dr Kyin Kyin WinProfessor(Head)
2Dr Cho Cho LwinAssociate
3Dr Kyu Kyu MarAssociate
4U San
5Dr U
6Daw Myint Myint KhaingLecturerM.A, 4th
7Daw Khaing Mar
8Daw Mar Mar
9Daw Tin Myo
10Daw Khin Than
11Dr Khaing Zar
12Daw Khin Myat MonAssistant
13Daw Than Than NuAssistant
14Daw May Khaing PhyoneAssistant LecturerM.A, 3rd
15Daw Thu Zar
16Daw Zin Mar Latt
17U Thet Tun
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