Ministry of Education

English Department

Vision of English Department

          To be able to provide foundation knowledge as a powerful tool for reasoning and communicating in pursuit of students’ life-long goals

Mission of English Department

          To develop students’ maturity, integrity and accountability

To enhance students’ quality in reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.

Organizational Structure of English Department

Sr. Position Number
1. Professor 1
2.Associate Professor 1
3.Lecturer 9
4.Assistant Lecturer 5
5.Upper Division Clerk 1
  Total 17
1Dr Su Su TinProfessor(Head)PhD
2Daw Aye Aye MarAssociate ProfessorM.A (English)
3Daw Swe Swe AyeLecturerM.A (English)
4Daw Ahmar KyiLecturerM.A (English)
5Daw Khin Mya Win LecturerM.A (English)
6Daw Aye Aye Thet LecturerM.A (English)
7U Aung Zaw LinLecturerM.A (English)
8Daw Aye Min AungLecturerM.A (English)
9Daw Khaing Mar Thein WinLecturerM.A (English)
10Daw Khin Moe MyintLecturerM.A (English)
11Daw Hnin Su Yee KyawLecturerM.A (English)
12Daw Ei Ei HmweAssistant Lecturer M.A (English)
13Daw Thant Zin WinAssistant LecturerM.A (English)
14Daw Zin Thet Thet ZinAssistant LecturerM.A (English)
15Daw Su Pyae Mo MoAssistant LecturerM.A (English)
16Daw Nyein Nyein EiAssistant LecturerM.A (English)
17Daw Myo Lat Lat OoUpper Division ClerkB.A (Myanmar)

Research Conducted in Department of English

Sr Name Resignation Title Year
1. Dr Su Su Tin Daw Thin Thin Mon Professor(Head) Lecturer Staff Development in Teaching Poetry 2013-2014
2. Daw Swe Swe Aye Lecturer Using Practice Posters in the EFL Classroom 2013-2014
3. Daw Nwe Yi Thant Daw Lei Lei Win Daw Ahmar Kyi   Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer A Study on Yenanchaung Dialect   2013-2014
4. Daw Ahmar Kyi Lecturer A Study of the Sociolects Concerning Toddy Trees   2015-2016
5. Dr Su Su Tin Daw Su Su Hlaing Professor(Head) Lecturer A Survey of Classroom Management in the EFL Classroom in Yenanchaung Degree College 2016
6. Daw Aye Min Aung Assistant  Lecturer Teaching Essays through Classroom Activities 2017
7. Daw Su Pyae Mo Mo Daw Zin Thet Thet Zin Daw Nyein Nyein Ei Tutor Tutor Tutor Self-assessment by First Year Zoology Students on their English Language Skills 2017-2018
8. Daw Aye Aye Thet Dr Su Su Tin Lecturer Professor(Head) Semantic Deviation in the Selected Short Stories by O Henry 2018
9. Daw Ei Ei Hmwe Assistant Lecturer Teacher’s Perceptions of Professional Development Activities at Yenanchaung Degree College 2018
10. Daw Aye Thandar Win U Aung Zaw Lin Lecturer Lecturer School-based Continuous Teacher Professional Development in Sagaing University of Education(SUOE):An Investigation of Teachers’ Perceptions and Practices 2018-2019
11. Daw Soe Soe Nwe Daw Zin Thet Thet Zin Lecturer Assistant Lecturer Teacher’s Perceptions on the Use of Digital Tools in Teaching Poetry 2018-2019
12. U Aung Zaw Lin Daw Aye Thandar Win Lecturer Associate Professor Evaluating Students’ Perceptions of Group Work and Group Assessment 2019-2020        
13. Daw Ei Thandar Win Daw Soe Soe Nwe Dr Su Su Tin Assistant Lecturer Lecturer Professor(Head) Move Structures of “Finding and Discussion Sections” in MA Theses     2019
14. Daw Thant Zin Win Dr Su Su Tin Assistant Lecturer Professor(Head) An Analysis of Translation in proverbs used in the short stories 2020
15. Daw Thant Zin Win Assistant Lecturer An Analysis of Translation Strategies of Culture- Specific Items in “The Wise Man” section from “The Lokaniti”by James Gray 2020
16. U Aung Zaw Lin Lecturer An Analysis of University Students’ Online Learning Attitudes and A Proposal for Blended Learning Course Design 2020
17. U Aung Zaw Lin         Lecturer Flipped Classroom as an Alternative Future Class Model 2020
18. U Aung Zaw Lin Lecturer An Analysis of Reading Comprehension Questions in New Language Leader 2020
19. U Aung Zaw Lin Lecturer Evaluation and Reflective Teaching Lesson planning steps      for a Group Work Activity 2020
20. Daw Aye Min Aung Dr Su Su Tin Daw Swe Swe Aye Lecturer Professor(Head) Lecturer Survey of Graduate Students from Yenanchaung Degree College 2020
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